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Like barbecue? Then we go to you!

Like barbecue? Then we go to you!
V,Maslyakov and S,Mironichev

Thermal viewer detects fire in the total darkness.

Joint-Stock Financial Corporation Sistema and Rosleskhoz have signed an agreement cooperation considering introduction and usage of innovative technological devices for effective forestry. New informative system helps to protect, use and even control reproduction of forest resources.
As Victor Maslyakov – the Head of Rosleskhoz – said, “Today forestry can’t go further without new technologies, which help to find a fire out and provide reliable fire protection. That’s why Rosleskhoz is interested in advanced innovations that are worked out and offered by Joint-Stock Financial Corporation Sistema.”

“Small fire detection time plays a great role for us, - underlined the Head of Rosleskhoz. – To detect a fire placement fast we need innovations. Now they are appearing in Russia”.

“First of all, we’d like to offer you modern forest fire detection system, - said President of Joint-Stock Financial Corporation Sistema Michael Shamolin. – The uniform informative system will detect forest fire and signal about it. Fast detection will help forest workers to make fast decisions and react in no time”.
Except using thermal viewer the agreement cooperation allows Rosleskhoz to use uniform cartographical basis to monitor forests, to create thematic topographical cards, even to control wood origin, timber legacy and its realization. Joint-Stock Financial Corporation Sistema includes the leading in Russia cellular operator – MTS – with its help people will be informed about forest fires, about forest rules of conduct. Moreover, people will get information with forest fires hot line – phone numbers that every person can dial and tell about fires.

The essence of system work was explained by Sergey Mironichev – general director of “Videofon MV” company during the meeting.

MTS cellular network towers will be equipped with special electronic equipment, consisting of video camera, thermal imaging module, server - working with two: video and thermal signals - and micro weather station, defining humidity, air temperature, direction and force of wind. Fog, smoke, darkness do not prevent system from finding forest fire. The work distance of the system covers 25 km. MTS cellular network towers stand all over the region, they are situated on 25km distance one from another. Also, system can find working in forest engines, people- hunting or making barbecue.

A human eye even with the help of usual video camera can’t distinguish a car in wood. New system can find it in a forest at 25 km distance. With the help of new system risks to lose wood because of forest fire minimize. During winter season system won’t be useless – it can control timber procurement and detect illegal felling. Also, system will be useful for wild animals accounting.

To equip Moscow region with the system, 400 thermal viewers are quite enough. A pilot zone will cover 112 thousand hectares and is going to be ready by middle of august.

“During test time we’ll work out a certain work algorithms, then in case of success we’ll recommend it to regions, - told Victor Maslyakov about forest branch innovation. – The main thing for us is to exclude human factor. Today to patrol Moscow region we need thousands of forest workers. The system usage will help them to use quit time for solving other important for forestry tasks.”

To make Moscow forests safe from fires costs 200 million rubles. That is the price for 400 thermal viewers that are constructed in Zelenograd. Being made in Russia they are much more cheaper than their foreign prototypes. Besides, new technology helps to economy money – with their help costly avia patrol will become useless. 

Ivan Yakubov

(translated by Maria Makarova)

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Like barbecue? Then we go to you! Like barbecue? Then we go to you!

Thermal viewer detects fire in the total darkness.

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